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1、JM® AI Smart Screen 


JM® AI Smart Screen can be regarded as an intelligent and interactive data control center with a large screen. It relies on software-and-hardware integrated development module to provide sophisticated solutions for Information education and conference. It also combines artificial intelligence、voice intelligence technology and integrates a variety of information functions, writing and annotation functions, HD display functions and multi-party interactive functions of the classroom and conference room.JM® AI Smart Screen integrates seven intelligent hardware, can adapt to many software,help schools and enterprises achieve intelligent management, reduce the daily work burden, improve work efficiency. It is conducive to the construction of networked, digital, interactive and intelligent learning and conference environment.

Core functional advantages:

  • Big data analysis, improving efficiency and helping communication

  • Record and broadcast regularly 

  • Streamlined configuration, multi-directional access of audio, video and text files

  • Voice Notes:Intelligent speech transcription in real time, instant sharing with QR code

  • Backstage management:Self-explanatory, quick query, personalized data, instant sharing

Hardware advantage:

  • Full-screen OCR writing & Gesture recognition

  • Anti-blue light certification, eye protection and environmental protection.

  • Full-screen 10-Point Touch

  • Interactive booth & One-click projection

  • Android & Windows Dual System

  • Wireless MIC & Easy Record

  • 4K ultra hd display, 178° broad view

  • Artificial intelligence & Intelligent speech recognition

  • Electronic whiteboard function, support multiple people to write and mark


  • In order to better meet the deep needs of customers, Jingle Magic has also developed more professional software for JM AI Smart Screen.


  • 1.Max Board

  • Max Board is a tool software, can make the use of the process more easily, more convenient, more efficient. It combines many commonly used tools and the special functions of AI informatization,It can make users have a more perfect experience.

  • Tool mode

  • Common tools, mass material, one-key switch, convenient application

  • Intelligent identification

  • Chinese and English characters, intelligent recognition graphic formula,Annotation drawing

  • Written record

  • Multiple data storage, sound and picture synchronization, sharing and saving convenient

  • Unlimited environmental protection

  • Infinite screen, energy saving and environmental protection, gesture erasure

  • 2.AI Recording system

  • AI Record and broadcast system is a functional software developed by Jingle Magic using the most advanced Visual artificial intelligence technology and voice artificial intelligence technology,It is a new generation of smart screen to achieve the integration of four major functions: IOT center, data acquisition center, data processing center, application management center.It is very easy to collect voice data, image data, video data, and user interaction data during the use of the software, quickly generate text, voice, video and other forms of data and share it with others immediately.

  • 2、JM®AR Intelligent Desk

  • One desk = 1 Mini Science and Technology Museum + 9 Laboratories

  • JM®AR Intelligent Desk is a new generation of high-tech augmented reality products independently developed by Jingle Magic,This product has the characteristics of safety and convenience, low-cost ,IOT, automatic evaluation and so on, to create a cloud platform plus content learning mode,It can be applied to experimental teaching, popular science exploration and all scenes that require hands-on practice.

  • Through the integration of physical cards and virtual scenes, VR technology can break the current dilemma of high cost, difficult to reproduce and lack of hands-on in the process of traditional education, so as to realize the full display and interaction of teaching content.

  • AR intelligent desks combine security, convenience, indicators, Internet of Things, and automatic evaluation to create an efficient learning model for cloud platform & content, integrating many experimental courses with artificial intelligence interactive desktops. Through the integration of physical cards and virtual scenes, VR technology can break the current dilemma of high cost, difficult to reproduce and lack of hands-on in the process of traditional education, so as to realize the full display and interaction of teaching content.

  • Core functional advantages:

  • Artificial intelligence voice guidance, breaking the inherent mode of the classroom and enhancing learning initiative Key knowledge analysis instantly presented, multi-person interaction enhances collaboration Intelligent timing, error correction and evaluation, big data assisted personalized teaching Covering multidisciplinary  teaching resources

  • Avoid danger:

  • use AR intelligent desk to safely operate corrosive, flammable and explosive test.

  • Hardware advantage:

  • Independent patent QR card, able to achieve more than 60 optical point multi-person simultaneous interaction

  • Safe and stable body, semi-circle arc chamfer design

  • Round card for comfortable grip, lightweight and durable, easy to access

  • One-button boot, efficient management, Blu-ray eye protection, low-power mute 

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